Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chanson Rose

I never learned any instruments as a child, unfortunately. I did try to learn some chords on my electronic organ as a teenager, but never really gave it much time. So a couple of weeks ago I ordered a ukulele because it's suppose to be a good beginners instrument. I knew a few chords since before but found out that playing the guitar and playing the ukulele is quite different. All the finger movements are super small and makes me feel like I have sausages for fingers. I was able to record my first song two weeks ago (made from two simple chords and psychedelic lyrics to make the flaws seem intentional and cool).  Unfortunately I found out that my computer microphone was completely trashed so all my preparations were in vain. Perhaps I'll be good enough at playing the ukulele once I get a new microphone, and then I might share a tune or two! Until then, I'll just pose with it and pretend that I'm a great musician!

Dress -
Cardigan - Indiska
Tights - Lindex
Shoes -
ukulele - Swedish Ebay
Necklace - made from old cell phone good charm piece


Eyeliah said...

Ohh, I am excited for you. I play the uku more than my guitar these days :)

bakeshoppe said...

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